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Commercial Painters Keep Your Business Open While Painting

Commercial painters will keep your business looking great and show customers that you are attentive to the small details. A clean and well-maintained business with current colors and styles inspires confidence in clients and customers.

However, painting or remodeling could cause disruption to your daily operations. It’s easy to put off or close down while you are painting. Don’t panic! You can still manage your business and satisfy your customers with some careful planning during a commercial repaint with specialized equipment.

Establish Zones

You can divide your business into zones depending on its size. This will allow you to paint or build only one section of your business at a time. It is easier to move desks, divert foot traffic, or use a different entrance for short periods of time. The whole area will become chaotic if there are no zones.

Negotiate Workable Hours

Ask your painting contractor to work at night if your business is closed 24/7. Your contractor may be able to work weekends if you have many employees. Can your commercial painters work on weekends if you own an apartment building or HOA?

Notify, Notify And Notify

You can use multiple communication methods to notify the people who are affected by the disruption. Send an email to your employees, inform them at your weekly staff meeting and place signs around the office reminding everyone when the painting will begin.

Signs should be posted for customers to indicate where painting will take place and what steps you are taking to minimize disruption. This shows that you care about your customers and lets them know what they can expect. You can let customers know through email or social media about the temporary disruption by sending them newsletters.

Install Containment Barriers

You can use the correct barriers to maintain a safe environment for all who are going to be there. Discuss the options with your painters for your business in St.Petersburg.

Create An Unoccupied Area

You can create a space between your business and the construction if you have the space. This reduces noise and protects the air quality. It also makes it less annoying for your employees and customers.

Handle Complaints

There will be complaints so make sure you have a plan in place. It will show customers that you value their feedback and help them return for more business. Designate one contact to handle the matter.


Brag about your accomplishments once the project is complete. You can share your project on social media, post about it on your website and in your email newsletters. It shows customers that you care about detail and are doing a good job. It might even get your old customers back to check out what’s new.

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