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Outside House Painting? Here’s What You Need To Consider

Most people think of painting the interior of their house first, while the outside house painting may be left to the last minute. We are sure you don’t want this to happen. It’s worth investing in the exterior paint design of your home as it will be the first impression that people have about it.

This comes with some challenges you’ll most likely face. These are some things to keep in mind when you paint the exterior of your house.

Painting In Ideal Conditions

You’ve probably heard that sunny days are the best time for your outside house painting. You’ll need to remember that the weather will not be consistent for a certain time. It’s not a good idea to paint when it’s sunny, and then stop painting when it rains the next day. Paint does not mix well in water so this can cause paint to dry.

Choose White

You’d be surprised at how many houses are white when you look at them on the market. White is a modern color that makes a house seem younger. You can’t go wrong painting your exterior white.


Paint used for the exterior of a house must be high-quality as it will be exposed to natural elements. The paint coating will protect the materials your house is made from. You might notice that poor quality paint can chip quickly, which could expose the building material to moisture and cause it to weaken.


When you paint outside, it is more likely for dirt and soil to come into contact with your paint. It is important to watch your painting and make sure that nothing falls in it. You should also clean your equipment after use to prevent dirt from getting into it. This will make the dirt stick to the wall when you paint it.

Choosing St.Pete Home Painters For Your Next Painting Job

Painting can be a difficult task. Once you commit, there is no way out. People often get excited about painting but then become bored. Don’t waste your time, energy, or effort trying to get out of the pit. Instead, leave it to professionals. St.Pete Home Painters is a St.Petersburg painting company.

St.Pete Home Painters is a locally-owned and operated painting company. For 15 years, we have been serving St.Pete residents with painters and contractors who are ex-firefighters who specialize in residential, or commercial, exterior painting, and interior painting. We work closely with customers to ensure their satisfaction when it comes to pricing and scheduling. Call us now for your free quote on your outside house painting and check out our great customer google reviews!

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