Paint a House Interior

Want To Paint A House Interior? What’s The Price?

Although most people can handle a few minor touch-ups with a paintbrush, when you paint a house interior it is usually an ambitious task. You might be tired of seeing the same wall over and over again, and want a new, fresh look. It is possible to ask how much it would cost to hire a professional painter to paint your home’s interior.

This question is dependent on many factors. This includes things such as the cost of repairs, the amount of work required before painting, the quality of paint used, and whether trim and ceiling are included. We’ll discuss some of the factors that could impact the cost to give you an idea of how much it might be.

Repairs are required

To properly paint a room, damage to walls must be repaired first. All holes from hanging art, divots of furniture, and other inconsistencies must be filled in, and then smoothed out. These repairs will be included in overall project cost.

Most repairs are minor and do not require major work. Most repairs are simple and can be made with some spackle and a knife, unless there is severe damage to ceilings, walls or baseboards. You could actually do most of these repairs yourself, before the painters start work.

What kind of paint?

When you paint a house interior,  it will be affected by the type of paint you choose. Certain paint types are more costly than others, which will reflect in the overall cost of the job. Different rooms require different paint types. Paint types can also be very different in different rooms.

Matte paint is usually used for walls and costs between $25-$50 per gallon. Semi-gloss paint is used for cabinetry and will typically cost between $33 to $56 per gallon. This difference between paint types can affect the overall cost when you need to paint a house interior.

Ceiling and trim

The cost of professional interior painting will also be affected by whether you have to paint the trim and ceilings. These additional surfaces will increase the project’s square footage. It is best to add that extra square footage into your project estimate if you plan on painting them.

Trimming walls can be more difficult than painting flat surfaces. Trim painting services may be charged an additional fee by professional painters. This extra cost can be attributed primarily to the delicate brushwork and masking required for this portion of the project.

This information has been compiled to give you an estimate of the cost of interior painting. The feeling you have when you enter your freshly painted home is something we cannot price. Professionally painting your interior will transform the look of your home and make you feel better about it. St.Pete Home Painters to get a more precise estimate for your home.

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